FLORIDA IN PLAY?….Is the combination of Social Security and Terri Schiavo ? two issues that have given conservatives more grief than they expected ? so toxic that even Florida might be turning away from the Republican party? In the LA Times today, Peter Wallsten suggests that might be the case:

“It may be that we tried to load the wagon with too many watermelons,” said Tom Slade, Florida’s former Republican Party chairman. “There’s not a … lot of good news on our side of the aisle at this minute.”

….Strategists in both parties expect Schiavo and Social Security to be potent and unpredictable issues. Those issues could also be important in several potentially competitive congressional races in districts now held by Republicans E. Clay Shaw Jr., Ginny Brown-Waite and Katherine Harris.

Music to my ears. Here’s hoping both these issues remain “potent and unpredictable” for another 18 months.

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