VICTIMHOOD, LOVELY VICTIMHOOD….Conservative City Journal editor Heather Mac Donald writing in the conservative National Review:

Diversity grievances follow the usual logic: Victim-group X is not proportionally represented in some field; therefore the field’s gatekeepers are discriminating against X’s members. The argument presumes that there are large numbers of qualified Xs out there who, absent discrimination, would be proportionally represented in the challenged field.

Conservative political science professor Stanley Rothman rehashing six-year-old data in the online journal Forum suggesting that college professors are a pretty liberal lot:

Rothman sees the findings as evidence of “possible discrimination” against conservatives in hiring and promotion. Even after factoring in levels of achievement, as measured by published work and organization memberships, “the most likely conclusion” is that “being conservative counts against you,” he said.

Sounds like they’ve got that whole victimhood thing down pat, doesn’t it?

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