PAPAL BLOGGING….I won’t have much to say about the pope because….I don’t have much to say about the pope. But if I run across something a little out of the ordinary I’ll link to it, and Abu Aardvark’s roundup of Islamic reaction to John Paul II’s death qualifies:

That moderate Islamists like Qaradawi felt comfortable with the late Pope’s social conservatism and genuine commitment to interfaith dialogue does not surprise me. That radical Islamists are infuriated by the respect for a symbol of the Catholic Church also does not surprise me. Michael Jansen notes the widespread admiration for the Pope in the Arab world, and points out that the greatest criticism of the Pontiff in the Arab media has come from Arab liberals ? he cites a piece in al Hayat ? upset with his social conservativism, and his making common ground with Islamic conservatives on issues such as abortion.

Widespread admiration in the Arab world, eh? I wouldn’t have guessed that, despite his efforts to reach out to Palestinians and Muslims and his opposition to the Iraq war. You learn something new every day.