Drawing a smiley face on the check increases a waitress’s tips by 18 percent but decreases a waiter’s tips by 9 percent.

In other news on the gender front, a reader emails me a link to “HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux”:

This HOWTO is definitely not intended to help male Linux geeks find female Linux geeks to date. The central paradox of women and Linux is this: often, the people most anxious for more women in Linux are also the people most likely to accidentally drive them away. Frequently, men who want more women in Linux solely so they have a better chance of finding a girlfriend end up acting in ways that end up driving women away instead! This HOWTO will try to explain which behaviors drive women away from Linux and which behaviors encourage them.

This is probably a well meaning effort that should not be mocked. But come on. It’s hard not to, isn’t it?

And one more from Peevish, who wonders who it was that decided Power Line was blog of the year:

If anyone asked me why men seem so much louder on-line than women, I’d say it’s because it probably would have taken years and years longer for women to come up with the idea of awarding themselves medals for having a hobby, but I’m feeling cynical today.

Quite so. But Anne is really going to be peevish when she learns that Power Line’s notoriety was not bestowed by “one of the many internal ‘awards’ programs run by someone blogging,” but by Time magazine itself. I kinda hope she doesn’t read this.