HOUSE OF DELAY….One of my pet peeves about the liberal commentariat is that we (I include myself here) tend to think of brilliant ideas and then immediately leap to ask: why isn’t the Democratic Party doing this? I want to see it now! Oftentimes, um, the Democratic Party or one of its various organizational manisfestations is already doing That Desperately Important Thing That Will Destroy the GOP Once And For All.

Well, Kagro X is right: Jesse Lee and the good folks at the DCCC have put together an astonishly good website that shows just how entrenched Tom DeLay is within the Republican power structure. He’s not the problem but rather its avatar.

Go check it out and be sure to tell all of your friends. And think in terms of 2006 and beyond, not in terms of getting DeLay dumped. I mean, so what if he’s no longer the GOP Majority Leader? These guys are like shark’s teeth.

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