ABORTION POLITICS IN IRAN….I’m surprised that this hasn’t been commented upon more widely:

The Iranian parliament has voted to liberalise the country’s abortion laws.

Under the law approved on Tuesday, a pregnancy can be terminated in the first four months if the foetus is mentally or physically handicapped.

Both parents must give their consent and three doctors to confirm that the foetus is damaged.

The law was approved by just over half of the conservative-dominated parliament, and still has to be approved by the Guardian Council.

The council is an unelected supervisory committee which vets all bills to see if they are in line with Islamic law.

Previously, abortion was only allowed if the mother’s life was proven to be in danger.

Middle East Online reported that illegal abortions are rising rapidly in the Islamic Republic to the tune of at least 80,000 per year.

According to Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor, moreover, Iran is loosening its social strictures across the board as it seeks to accomodate its youth bulge.

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