WEEKEND NEWS I MISSED….Mark Kleiman went to a Wes Clark fundraiser on Saturday and says that Clark’s intentions were clear:

Clark is running for President in 2008. He stopped just shy of a formal announcement, but left no one in doubt about his intentions. The crowd of about 150 seemed delighted.

And only 43 months to go before the election! He’s certainly taking the opposite approach from his last minute entry into the 2004 race, isn’t he?

I expect the 2008 race to be very crowded. For a variety of reasons, 2008 is likely to be a landslide win for whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be, and I think lots of Dems know it. That’s why John Kerry is still sounding like a candidate: he doesn’t want to be the unlucky Al Smith watching from the wings while someone else cruises to the presidency because they had the good luck to pick the right year to run.

Already it looks like Clark, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton are likely candidates, and I’ll bet there are at least a couple of high-profile Southerners who will run too (John Edwards, Mark Warner, Phil Bredesen). Stay tuned. It looks like the campaigning is going to start early this time around.

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