Bolton and Those NSA Intercepts

BOLTON AND THOSE NSA INTERCEPTS….So what’s the deal with those NSA intercepts that John Bolton wanted to get his hands on? Laura Rozen quotes “someone close to the investigation”:

Bolton was running his own counterintelligence operation, was using the intelligence to figure out how he can get back at people.

Yes, that sounds about right. So let’s see those intercepts, shall we? They sound mighty interesting. And if they say what everyone thinks they say, they’d definitely put Bolton squarely in Suzanne Nossel’s category #4….

(If you’re not sure what I’m nattering on about, last week’s New York Times story about Bolton and the NSA intercepts is here. There hasn’t been much news on this front since then because the Bush administration is continuing to hold onto the intercepts for dear life. I wonder why?)

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