A QUESTION….I just have to wonder: is it really a good idea for George Bush to repeatedly refer to the president of Russia as “Vladimir” on primetime TV? Doesn’t that seem just a wee bit more intimate than the American public might be comfortable with?

POSTSCRIPT: The press conference was originally scheduled for 8:30 but then rescheduled for 8:01. Oddly, though, the White House failed to inform me of this change, so I missed the first ten minutes, including all of President Bush’s opening statement.

However, thanks to the miracle of liveblogging ? from James Joyner in this case, who’s doing a great job ? it appears that he had nothing fresh to say about Social Security. Supposedly we were going to get new details about his plan, but nada. No specifics. No news. No nothing.

So what was the point? What was this press conference all about? Very peculiar.