POP CULTURE REPORT…. Camille Paglia was in Madison, Wisconsin, yesterday. Ann Althouse reports:

In the question session, one young man asks what she thinks of blogging. She says, ?I?m worried about blogging.? There?s ?decadence? in the web. Once you?re ?swept up in the blogosphere,? you become self-referential. (Afterwards, my colleague expresses amusement that she said other people were being self-referential.) Instead of blogs, she prefers on-line magazines. Mainly, Salon. Do you know she?s returning to Salon? There?s also Slate, but Slate?s ?a little bit more wonky,? though it has ?some good wonky articles now and then.? Who knows which blogs to read? There are so many! What bloggers need to do is join together and make on-line magazines. Like Salon. Did you know she?s returning to Salon?

Say, um, I’ve heard that Camille Paglia might be writing for Salon again. Anyone know if that’s true?