LA TIMES BASHING….I’m outsourcing today’s critique of my hometown newspaper:

  • In a story above the fold on Page 1, the LA Times repeats the oft-debunked claim that Sudan tried to turn over Osama bin Laden to Bill Clinton in 1996 but Clinton turned them down. Island of Balta performs the necessary debunking chores.

  • David Gelernter returns to his weekly spot on the op-ed page. I was too tired to waste time on him this week, but Matt Yglesias picks up the slack. He also proposes a theory that Michael Kinsley is deliberately hiring nitwit conservatives for the op-ed page in an effort to make conservatives look stupid. I guess that’s as good an explanation as any. Gelernter’s columns would embarrass a high school sophomore.

You may now return to whatever your hometown news source is.

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