MAYBE THE WORLD REALLY IS FLAT….I’ve been ignoring the recent outbreak of idiocy over evolution in Kansas because it’s just too depressing to think about, but I really have to highlight this paragraph from today’s LA Times account:

The hearings in Topeka, scheduled to last several days, are focusing on two proposals. The first recommends that students continue to be taught the theory of evolution because it is key to understanding biology. The other proposes that Kansas alter the definition of science, not limiting it to theories based on natural explanations.

Why yes, that would alter the definition of science, wouldn’t it? Perhaps while we’re at it we should also alter the definitions of history, literature, and religion. Seems like those fields have been stuck in a rut for a while too and could use a swift kick from the Kansas state board of education.

By the way, I’m glad to see that the Kansas folks aren’t wasting time pretending that Intelligent Design has nothing to do with religion or creationism. Newly elected board member Kathy Martin is open about where she stands: “There are alternatives. Children need to hear them….We can’t ignore that our nation is based on Christianity ? not science.”

Quite right. And what do the “scientists” have to say for themselves? Check out this guy from the University of Kansas: “If you want to know about science, ask a scientist. If you want to know about faith, ask a minister.”

That is so lame. Why would I want to ask a scientist about anything?

UPDATE: Real time coverage of the hearings from a real live Kansan is here. Or you can just skip the whole thing and read Fafblog instead.