WEIRD TIMEOUT PROBLEM….So I’ve been having a weird computer problem lately. Many, many times a day I get the following message when I try to bring up a site:

Here’s what’s weird: Whenever this happens, all I have to do is try again and the site comes right up. This happens every single time: click once, get the error, click a second time and the site comes up immediately.

This has been going on for about a week. It doesn’t happen with every site, but it happens with 20 or 30 sites a day (and not always the same ones). No new software has been installed on my PC.

My guess is that there’s something going on with Cox cable but that it’s hopeless to call them and complain, so I’m tossing it out to my readership. Does this sound like an ISP problem? Or could it be something I inadvertently did to my PC or browser settings? Any ideas?