SOCIAL SECURITY UPDATE….From Rich Lowry over at The Corner:

Just had a conversation with a Republican senator. A few things he said:

….On Social Security, it’s looking ?not great.? Grassley will try to get a bill out of his committee that has the progressive indexing, but no personal accounts. If that doesn’t work, it?s a sign that there’s no support for reform whatsoever. He guesses that Frist will end up using ? excuse the Senatese ? Rule 14 to get a bill with personal accounts onto the floor. The Democrats will filibuster and that will be that. Chances for a deal are very low: ?In this environment, I just can’t see it. The Democrats are so negative. Even people who will normally look at things, are saying, ‘No way on this one. We’re blood brothers.’?

That’s good news, and it sounds about right to me. I just don’t see Dems suddenly turning into good hearted compromisers on this after Bush has spent the past six months trying to cram private accounts down everyone’s throats.