NUTRASWEET vs. SUGAR….Here’s a curious little bloggy question for you: do you know of anyone who actively prefers diet cola to regular cola? That is, someone who thinks it actually tastes better than regular and would drink it even if it had as many calories?

I’ve never met anyone who thinks this, and that strikes me as odd. I’m sure it’s true that millions of years of evolution have given us a built-in preference for honest-to-goodness sugar, but it’s given us preferences for lots of other things too. After all, coffee is bitter and alcohol is rancid tasting, but that doesn’t stop most of us from acquiring a taste for either of them. But nobody ever seems to acquire a taste for Nutrasweet. Why is that?

UPDATE: Judging from comments, plenty of people have acquired a taste for Nutrasweet, so that answers that. I’ve just never met any of them, I guess.

As for me, I’ve been drinking diet cola for upwards of 30 years now, but I still think regular tastes better. Apparently my taste buds are less malleable than those of (some of) my readers.

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