WOMEN IN THE NEWS….We’ve discussed to death the question of female bloggers and female op-ed writers, but how about stepping away from authorship for a moment and looking at the use of women as sources in stuff written by other people? Here’s how things shape up in different kinds of stories, according to a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Women fare especially poorly in foreign affairs and military stories (the latter hardly surprising since the military is overwhelmingly male), and only in “lifestyle” stories are they quoted in even 50% of published pieces.

Pacific Views has more, including a chart that shows which mediums are most and least friendly to women. Newspapers do the best, and look even better when you discount their predictably male-centric sports coverage. Cable slugfests do about as poorly as you’d think, but it turns out there’s one place that does even worse. You might be surprised to learn what it is.

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