TIME FOR LARRY TO GO….Via Sullivan, here is Pentagon flack Larry DiRita last week answering questions about Koran abuse at Guantanamo:

Q: Larry, just to be clear….Are you saying that none of those allegations were credible?….Have any of them been investigated, and were any substantiated?

MR. DI RITA: ….When a specific, credible allegation of this nature were to be received, we would take it quite seriously. But we’ve not seen specific, credible allegations.

No matter what you think about Newsweek, and no matter whether you think abusing a Koran is a serious problem or not, one thing is clear: DiRita was lying. We know for a fact that both the FBI and the Red Cross told the Pentagon about credible allegations months ago, and the Pentagon itself now admits that at least five of the allegations are substantially true.

When DiRita answered that question last week he knew perfectly well that credible allegations had been made on multiple occasions. What’s more, only a child would believe that he didn’t already know that some of them had been verified. But it wasn’t convenient to say so at the time because the Bush administration was busy whipping up a firestorm of manufactured outrage against Newsweek. Now it’s come back to haunt them.

Whatever else happens, DeRita flatly lied to the press. He should be fired.