FRANCE’S REFERENDUM….Laura Rozen rounds up some reaction to the possibility that France will turn down the new European constitution in their referendum today. Check it out if European politics interests you.

The polls suggest the French will indeed vote against the constitution, and I suspect that might not be such a bad thing. I don’t have a compelling argument for thinking this, just a vague sense that Europe needs a bit of a breather after a decade of nonstop expansion and consolidation. A single currency, the end of border controls, ten new members, and a relentless increase in new rulemaking from Brussels is a lot to swallow, especially when there are an awful lot of core differences between the EU’s member states that haven’t really gotten any closer to resolution during that time. A rethink and a slowdown might be in order right about now.

UPDATE: It looks like the noes have it. Back to the drawing board.