TIME TO LIGHTEN UP….Britain has a new record for complaints about a television commercial: 1,671 people have protested against a KFC ad in which call center employees sang with their mouths full:

Offended viewers said it encouraged bad manners in children by making it appear funny to sing or speak while eating, and 41 of those who complained said their children had aped the ad.

….The advert used subtitles to explain what the three call center staff were singing as they munched KFC salads, leading some viewers to complain that it mocked people with speech and hearing impediments.

It ended with one of the women answering a phone singing, “Hello, emergency helpline,” which prompted others to complain that it implied call center staff were unprofessional.

It’s true that 1,671 is a pathetic showing by America’s supercharged standards, aided as they are by Brent Bozell’s well-honed professional outrage machine. Still, that’s a pretty impressive showing over bad table manners, isn’t it?