What does a increasingly lame duck do when he is cornered? He attacks. The M.O. of this Administration is to never retreat, even when the situation seems to dictate compromise and accommodation.

Beginning this week expect the Bushies to launch a fierce counter-offensive against the Democratic insurgents to regain control over the capital. They will move a form of social security privatization through the the Senate and House. More right wing judicial nominations will be offered. A showdown is imminent over one or more Supreme Court vacancies.

I agree. George Bush’s only instinct is to attack, and I suspect he hated the filibuster compromise ginned up by Senate moderates a couple of weeks ago. His upcoming group of judicial nominations will probably be deliberately engineered to include at least one nominee so wretched as to force a showdown on the agreement and hopefully shatter it. He doesn’t want compromise and comity, he wants blood in the water.

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