LINDSEY GRAHAM, PROPHET….Here is Senator Lindsey Graham on May 23, immediately after the filibuster compromise was announced:

The deal is that five nominees who have been filibustered will get an up-or-down vote and some will be confirmed and some won’t. The dirty little secret is that there have been some of these nominees that will not get Republican votes.

Two of the five were shoo-ins, so what Graham was telling us was that of the three controversial nominees (Owen, Brown, and Pryor), Republicans themselves would end up killing at least one of them. So how did things turn out? Here is the New York Times today:

Judge William H. Pryor Jr., one of President Bush’s embattled judicial nominees, was confirmed by the Senate today for a seat on the federal appeals court that covers Florida, Georgia and Alabama….Judge Pryor, 43, is the last of three controversial Bush court nominees to win confirmation.

That didn’t work out quite the way Graham suggested, did it?