FOX NEWS IN ACTION….This is amusing. Apparently the throng of reporters covering yesterday’s meeting between Howard Dean and Harry Reid got a little….carried away. Brian Montopoli of CJR Daily summarizes the scene:

Cutting through the “cacophony of competing screams” from the press was Fox News correspondent Brian Wilson, who asked Dean, in light of his recent comments, if he hated white Christians. Dean didn’t dignify that with a response, and Reid tried to talk about a “positive agenda,” but Wilson continued his line of questioning, prompting Democratic Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin to ask sardonically if Wilson was the one running the press conference.

….Thanks to the magic of blogs, we also get a bit of the backstory to share….When [Washington Post reporter Mark] Leibovich asked Wilson who he was, Wilson screamed back, “Who the fuck are YOU?” According to AMERICAblog and Wonkette, Leibovich asked the question because “Wilson was apparently wearing no credential of any kind … and behaving ‘bizarrely angry.’”

Those blogs also claim Leibovich said later that he asked Wilson who he was “because of his incredibly pointed questions”; Leibovich, say the blogs, “wondered whether or not [Wilson] was a rogue Republican staffer.” All three blogs wrote that Wilson later stormed down Senate halls, screaming obscenities.

That’s Fox for you. All class, all the time.