RIGHT WING LOONS….Pennsylvania congress-loon Curt Weldon gets letters:

“Dear Curt,” reads one memo excerpt from “Ali”….”An attack against an atomic plant by a plane, the name mentioned, but not clear it begins with ‘SEA’….[Seattle?].” Another reads: “Dear Curt:….I confirm again a terrorist attack within the United States is planned before the American elections.”

Before you jump out of your chair to call your aunt in Seattle and see if she’s all right, read all of Laura Rozen’s story about Weldon, the mysterious “Ali,” and the con man behind him. It turns out that even “Ali” thinks Weldon is nuts.

It’s true that there are conspiracy loons on the left too. But to get a glimpse of the genuine 200-proof article, you really have to hang out at the right wing taverns. There’s just nothing to compare.

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