WIKIPEDIA….This is fascinating. I just looked myself up on Wikipedia and it turns out there’s an entry for me. Take that, Encyclopedia Britannica! However, I also learned that my entry is “being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.” Hmmph.

Turns out it’s just the work of some guy who hates blogs, though, and so far the vote is 8-2 to keep me around, including five votes suggestions to expand the entry. Hooray!

On a side note, I’m pleased to see that my entry credits me with “pioneering ‘friday cat blogging’.” Since this is pretty clearly my greatest contribution to the blogosphere, I’m happy to see it immortalized. On the other hand, my description as “level headed” has apparently been removed as unacceptably opinionated. Win some, lose some.

And a note to Eliot: I only dissed the LA Times wiki editorial project, not wikis in general. After all, what other encyclopedia is ever likely to have an entry for me?

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