THE TRUTH ABOUT ED….Remember The Truth About Hillary, Ed Klein’s sleazy hatchet job that claims Chelsea Clinton was conceived after Bill raped Hillary in Bermuda? And remember how we were supposed to believe that the right wing had gotten so responsible in its old age that it wasn’t paying any attention to Klein?

Well….not quite. Unless, of course, an EXCLUSIVE interview in the biggest selling conservative magazine on the planet counts as “not paying any attention.” The whole thing is worth reading as a trip down memory lane, but my favorite part comes at the beginning. After Kathryn Jean Lopez pretends to chide Klein for his “terrible story” ? wink wink, nudge nudge ? Klein explains that he’s just being taken out of context:

Here’s why it’s not a rape claim: I don?t imply the source was in the room with the Clintons, for all my source knows they could have had a massive fight and then reconciled. My source doesn?t speculate, I don?t speculate. This whole story, “the rape story” as it?s being called by others, speaks more to how the Clintons communicate, their bizarre relationship.

His source doesn’t speculate! He doesn’t speculate! Hell, maybe the Clintons are just messy housekeepers! Why, Klein is just flummoxed that anyone could have twisted his words into an allegation of rape.

Here’s my second favorite part. Just before referring to himself grandiosely as “a journalist with impeccable credentials,” he says this:

I intended my book to take a good hard look at Hillary?s true character, and if the book is being compared to the Swift Boat Vets? book on that account, then I am proud of the comparison.

He’s proud of being compared to the Swift Boat loons! It’s a badge of honor!

And my third favorite part? It’s a ten-way tie. You can make your own nominations in comments.

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