GAYS IN THE MILITARY….I actually agree with the overall gist of Christopher Hitchens’ latest column in Slate. He argues that it’s absurd to think you’ve scored some kind of withering putdown of war supporters by pointing out that most of them (and their sons) haven’t volunteered for duty. Since I support police, fire, and social welfare programs despite the fact that I’m not a police officer, a firefighter, or a social worker, I think he’s right on this.

So fine. We agree. But where the hell did this aside ooze up from?

Come to think of it, what happened to the loud and widespread demand that gays be allowed to serve in uniform? Surely that was not just a Clinton-era campaign to be dropped in favor of gay marriage at just the time when the country needed troops in Afghanistan (generally agreed) and in Iraq (much disputed)?

I don’t intend a taunt in the above sentence (it’s more of a tease, really, as well as a serious question to which I have heard no answer)….

That’s a serious question? It’s true that the president of the United States and his extremist Christian pals have lately given us other things to worry about on the gay rights front, but I’m pretty sure that allowing gays to serve openly in the military is still part of the liberal agenda. My last post on the subject was only two months ago, and I’m sure a quick Google search would turn up plenty of other references ? especially if you make “linguist” one of your search terms.

Where does he get this stuff?

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