PLAME UPDATE….Time Inc. says it’s going to turn over Matthew Cooper’s notes to Valerie Plame prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Says Time:

The same Constitution that protects the freedom of the press requires obedience to final decisions of the courts and respect for their rulings and judgments. That Time Inc. strongly disagrees with the courts provides no immunity.

No word from Judith Miller on what she’s going to do. But Robert Novak piped up:

Meanwhile, columnist Robert Novak, who was the first to identify CIA officer Valerie Plame in print, told CNN he “will reveal all” after the matter is resolved, adding that it is wrong for the government to jail journalists.

More to come later, I’m sure.

UPDATE: I really have to learn to check the blog in the morning before I start posting. I see that Paul was on this half an hour ago.

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