FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER….OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, OUTLAST….Tomorrow the IOC decides which city will host the 2012 Olympic Games. Basically, the voting works like Survivor: there are multiple rounds of voting, and after each round the city with the fewest votes gets kicked off the island. Voting continues until one city gets a majority, which probably won’t happen until the final round. Delegates from countries with a city in the running aren’t allowed to vote as long as their city is still in contention.

So how will the voting go? Here’s my guess at the order in which cities get booted off:

5. Madrid
4. Moscow
3. New York City
2. London
1. Paris

They ought to televise this, sort of the way they televise the NFL draft these days. Jeff Probst could host. It’s all happening in Singapore, which means the voting rounds will happen in the wee hours, but the 7:46 pm final envelope opening will be just in time for breakfast on the East Coast. Sounds like great television for insomniacs!

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