BOLD. NEW. LOOK….The LA Times Sunday opinion section now sports a bold new look that features breathtakingly contemporary elements such as thick black lines and, um….more thick black lines. Bold thick black lines. I think the bylines are bigger too.

It’s also got a bold new name, Current. Or maybe not so bold. Says Times Sunday opinion editor Bob Sipchen:Current, while bland in an Al Gore sort of way, was the only name that seemed not to give anyone fits.”

Roger that. But how about the content? Here’s the rundown: this week’s section features a piece about how Jews really are the chosen people and only idiot atheists think otherwise; a piece about the idiocy of being an adult Harry Potter fan; a piece about the campaign by idiot Hollywood liberals to keep patriotic movies out of our multiplexes (written by the film columnist for Newsmax!); and a piece complaining about the idiotic recent changes to the Times editorial section. Average age of authors: about 14, by all appearances.

But don’t get confused! Current also includes two pages of editorials and op-eds that aren’t part of Current even though they sport thick black lines and are numbered M4 and M5. They’re edited by the usual weekday crew and have nothing to do with the bold new direction of the other four pages. OK?

In fairness, even the Current section of Current features a couple of old-fashioned articles that don’t depend for their hook on calling people idiots, but I suspect that’s just a mistake. As near as I can tell, the goal here is to turn the Sunday section into a printed version of Crossfire. Somebody call Jon Stewart.