THE SCHMIDT REPORT….Andrew Sullivan summarizes the latest report about all the non-torture going on at U.S. detention facilities around the world:

One great merit of the Schmidt report ? which is otherwise riddled with worrying euphemisms, dismissal of troubling facts, exoneration of almost all commanders ? is that we now know that almost every one of the Abu Ghraib techniques was practised and innovated at Guantanamo. These were not improvised out of nowhere. They were what the report calls “the creative application of authorized interrogation techniques,” and the interrogators “believed they were acting within existing guidance.” Here’s a list of techniques used at Gitmo.

Click the link to get the list. More pictures are on their way too.

George Bush and the Pentagon apparently have no clue about the true nature of the war we’re fighting. Do they think we’re fighting massed columns of Nazi armor? How many new recruits does al-Qaeda have to sign up before they figure out what we’re up against?