DOUG FEITH’S SWAN SONG….Via Suburban Guerrilla, you really have to admire the chutzpah of senior Bush administration staffers sometimes. Here is Doug Feith, the outgoing #3 guy at the Pentagon:

“Our intelligence community made, apparently, an error, as to the stockpiles” of weapons it assured President Bush existed in 2003, Feith said. Thus that part of the administration’s argument for why war was necessary was overdone, he said, adding, “Anything we said at all about stockpiles was overemphasis, given that we didn’t find them.”

Our intelligence community made, apparently, an error. Yep, it was all the CIA’s fault! Damn their hides!

This really takes some balls considering that it comes from the guy who was ultimately in charge of the Office of Special Plans, the Pentagon outfit charged with ferreting out evidence of WMD and al-Qaeda connections in Iraq that the squishy analysts at the CIA were too reality based to acknowledge. The OSP was practically created to find WMD whether it was there or not. If the CIA did screw up, Feith’s shop made them look like pikers.

Ballsy indeed. Of course, Feith is also the guy that Gen. Tommy Franks memorably called “the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth.” Perhaps that’s the perfect combination for this administration: ballsy and stupid.