Von of Obsidian Wings notices an interesting exchange at Red State.org:

Over on RedHot, Adam C., Mark Kilmer, and Augustine are debating ways to counter the impression that the repeal of Roe v. Wade means the repeal of legalized abortion.

So, here we have a group of pro-lifers brainstorming about how to market the demise of Roe.

It’s like the foxes trying to sell the hens on the demise of chicken wire: Don’t worry. Tearing down that unsightly and, might I add, poorly constructed fence wouldn’t automatically install a fox in your coop. Each fox would still have to find his own way in.

Sounds like Adam C is channelling Scott Lemieux, doesn’t it?

RE: Roe [Adam C]
Unfortunately (and somewhat non-sensical), there is a large segment of pro-life voters who tell pollsters that they don’t want Roe overturned. That is why polls show 60-66% of respondants support Roe, although only 45-50% are pro-choice. The pro-life movement is doing a great job, but they need to link overturning Roe with mild restrictions instead of an outright ban.
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