VACATION NOTE….As I mentioned below, I’ll be on vacation for the next week. But fear not: I’m leaving you in good hands while I’m gone.

Two guest bloggers will be filling in for the next seven day. The first is Lindsay Beyerstein, who blogs over at Majikthise, a site that I hope you’re all reading already. Lindsay blogs pretty eclectically and was runner-up for “Most Deserving of Wider Recongition” in last year’s Koufax Awards. You can learn more about Lindsay here, and if you want to learn even more about her, a few weeks ago she posted a thorough psychological inventory of herself here. Nickel version: well adjusted but not always agreeable. So you better watch yourselves.

Her co-guest blogger is Michael Hiltzik, a business columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Michael has never blogged before, but he throws some sharp elbows in his columns and should fit in here just fine. He won half a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for exposing sleazy doings in the entertainment industry, and while I know that cuts no mustard in the blogosphere, I figure it probably means he has some potential in the writing biz. Plus he’s been a Nairobi bureau chief, Moscow correspondent, financial writer, yada yada yada, all the usual MSM stuff.

Should be fun, no? We’ve got young vs. not-so-young, male vs. female, blogger vs. MSM, East Coast vs. West Coast, and Colgate vs. Tufts. When the week is over, which blogger will reign supreme?

I’ll be back in a week to find out. See you then.

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