Thank You For Riding the MTA, Your Submission is Appreciated…

The AP reports that New York subway riders “submitted calmly” to the first day of random bag and briefcase searches. So, the plan is working. People are acquiescing and feeling good about it:

And Amy Wilson, 28, said the officers’ work “makes me feel safer. I like knowing they’re here.”

How nice.

The AP reporter goes on to emphasize that the minority of dissenters included a Muslim guy, but that even he didn’t really object on principle:

Richard Collins, 48, a black man with a beard and a white knitted skullcap, said he didn’t think he was tapped because he looked Muslim, but he was “a little perturbed.”

“Not because of the religion thing,” he said. “They’re taking two minutes out of my time.”

New Yorker Steve Gilliard looks ahead to Act II of security theater during Monday morning rush hour.

Update: Security consultant Bruce Schneier explains why random subway searches are ineffectual counterterrorism. His bottom line appraisal:

“It’s another “movie plot threat.” It’s another “public relations security system.” It’s a waste of money, it substantially reduces our liberties, and it won’t make us any safer.”

Thanks to commenter KCinDC for the tip.

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