PAYING FOR CONTRACEPTIVES….A victory for common sense from the heartland:

In a sharply critical ruling, a Nebraska federal district judge said Union Pacific Corp. illegally discriminated against female employees by barring prescription contraceptive coverage from its health plans ? even as it underwrote the cost of Viagra and drugs for male-pattern baldness.

….In its briefs, the railroad justified its decision to exclude birth control coverage by arguing that “because fertility is ‘normal,’ contraception is not ‘medically necessary.’” Company health plans do cover contraceptives if prescribed for a “non-contraceptive purpose,” such as the treatment of skin diseases or menstrual disorders.

In a 16-page decision granting summary judgment to the plaintiffs, the judge agreed that pregnancy is normal, but noted, “There is also no doubt that pregnancy is a condition that has a profound impact on a woman’s health.”

Why yes, it does. Good for Judge Laurie Smith Camp for telling them so.