RADOVAN KARADZIC….Ljiljana Karadzic, the wife of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, pleaded on Friday for him to give himself up:

She told the Associated Press that the Karadzic family had had enough and he should surrender. “Our family is under constant pressure from all over. Our life and existence is jeopardised,” she said at her home in the hardline Serbian village of Pale outside Sarajevo.

….”In hope that you are alive and that you can make decisions by yourself, I’m begging you to make this decision,” she said. “Between loyalty to you and to the children and grandchildren, I had to choose and I have chosen … It will be your sacrifice for us, for the sake of your family.”

Karadzic, who is accused of genocide over the killing of about 8,000 Muslim men during the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995, has been wanted by NATO ever since to answer war crimes charges at the Hague.

Russ Baker has been instrumental in stepping up the pressure on Karadzic, starting with this article in the Washington Monthly last year. Check it out to get the straight dope on why, even though we have a pretty good idea of where Karadzic is and how to get to him, we still haven’t located him despite a decade of trying. It’s not a pretty story.

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