WORRYING ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE….Researcher Michael Lynn got sued by Cisco a couple of days ago. Why? Because he told a conference of security experts about serious flaws in Cisco’s routers:

Since January he has been studying how hackers could seize control of routers made by Cisco ? devices that are used around the world to direct Internet traffic.

The research showed that a series of previously disclosed flaws were far more critical than had been believed, jeopardizing computers that had not received recent software updates, Lynn told attendees Wednesday.

“You could own portions of the Internet. It’s pretty scary,” said Ero Carrera, a researcher with the Finnish security software company F-Secure Corp. who attended the talk.

Lynn didn’t just spring this on Cisco out of nowhere. He shared his findings with them months ago, and in his talk he deliberately restricted what he said so that hackers couldn’t exploit the vulnerabilities he had discovered. Cisco sued anyway.

Lynn is remarkably understanding about the whole affair, though. The attempt to stop his talk, he said, was “probably good for their bottom line ? and bad for the country.” That sounds about right.