BRING ‘EM ON….From Foreign Policy Watch:

Judy [Shalom, wife of the Israeli foreign minister], speaking on a television show about the recent bombings in London: “As long as I hold no official position, I can say it’s not all bad for the English to find out what it’s like.”

Lovely. I hope none of the victims’ families were watching.

UPDATE: From Haggai in comments, a correction. The quote comes from Judy Shalom, wife of the Israeli foreign minister, not from the wife of Ariel Sharon. I’ve corrected this in the text as well as here in the update. Link here.

UPDATE 2: I’ve shut down comments on this post. Oddly enough, it’s not for the usual reason with posts dealing with Israel. Rather, it’s because this post is the target of a massive Japanese comment spam attack. Sorry about that.

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