BUSH AND EVOLUTION….PZ Meyers has a post with links to everyone who’s criticized George Bush’s recent statement that Intelligent Design ought to be taught alongside evolution in public schools. So how come I’m not on the list?

Outrage fatigue, I guess. Besides, it’s not like this is something new from the mouth of George Bush. Here are some quotes via Nexis from the 1999 campaign:

The Washington Post, August 27, 1999:
Bush spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said, “He believes both creationism and evolution ought to be taught…. He believes it is a question for states and local school boards to decide but believes both ought to be taught.”

The Kansas City Star, September 9, 1999:
“I think it’s an interesting part of knowledge (to have) a theory of evolution and a theory of creationism. People should be exposed to different points of view. Should the people choose in my state (to adopt a rule similar to Kansas’) I have no problem” with public schools teaching both creationism and evolution.

Reuters, November 4, 1999:
Bush supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in public schools. Bush stated, “I have absolutely no problem with children learning different forms of how the world was formed.” Bush believes decisions regarding curriculum should be made by local school districts.

And that’s straight up fire-and-brimstone creationism. If the guy doesn’t have a problem with that, of course he thinks Intelligent Design is a fine topic for our public schools to teach biology students.

Actually, what bugged me most about this whole affair was reading the faux outrage from Bush’s conservative supporters in the blogosphere, as if they had no idea he felt this way before this week. Give it a rest, guys. Bush thinks creationism sounds great, Tom DeLay thinks the teaching of evolution was responsible for the Columbine shootings, and Bill Frist ? a medical doctor! ? is so scared of the Christian right that last December on “This Week” he hemmed and hawed and fidgeted like a naughty schoolchild while repeatedly declining to say whether he thought HIV-AIDS could be transmitted through tears or sweat.

Note to Bush supporters: You all knew what you were voting for when you put these guys in power. I’m happy to see you on the side of the angels here, but it’s a little late to pretend to be shocked that the Republican leadership feels this way.

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