COX CABLE PSA….Here’s a public service message to all my homies in Irvine (or thereabouts) who get their internet service via Cox Cable. Cox recently “upgraded” their cable plant, and as part of the “upgrade” they apparently reduced the bandwidth available to each home. This means that cable modems need to sync with the network more precisely, which in turn means they can lose synchronization more easily. This especially affects older Toshiba cable modems, which have been failing in large numbers.

So if you’re using Cox in Orange County for internet access, and you have a Toshiba cable modem that intermittently loses its connection, call tech support and scream bloody murder that you want it replaced. Even if you purchased your cable modem, scream bloody murder that you want it replaced anyway. After all, it’s their “upgrade” that’s causing them to fail.

That is all.

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