RETREAT FROM IRAQ….Spencer Ackerman examines the proposed 2006 drawdown of troops in Iraq that was floated recently by the Pentagon:

Given that the right spent 2004 arguing that a Kerry administration would pull off precisely such a surrender, National Review editor Rich Lowry turned to a “well-informed source” to find out what was happening. The source replied that down was, in fact, up: “It’s exactly what we have been saying within the administration for the last year and half … Gens. [John] Abizaid and [George] Casey are more and more confident that the necessary conditions for a drawn down [sic] will be met.” That’s a lie, but whatever. As someone who’s argued that the only hope of salvaging any decent outcome of the war depends on a speedy U.S. departure, I’ll take what I can get. We went into Iraq deceitfully. Does anyone expect us to exit honestly?

That sounds about right. The rest of the column is worth reading too.