THE MYSTERIOUS BLOGOSPHERE….An odd but probably accurate observation from Joe at AmericaBlog:

Believe it or not, blogs are a mysterious entity here in DC. John [Aravosis] and I were talking tonight about [how] weird that is. I can’t tell you how many people in this town have said something like “I don’t get the blogs” or “I have never looked at blogs” or “How do you get into the blogs.” I think part of it is that people in DC are so used to thinking that there are barriers to participating in politics. Or they can’t grasp that so much information and insight is available for free. Blogs are so much less complicated than people in DC want to make them. In so many ways, the blogosphere defies any of the conventional thinking that pervades the DC political punditry. And, the same old people and groups don’t and can’t control it.

The reason this is odd is because Joe is right: there’s nothing complicated about blogs. Everything you might want to know about them you can learn just from reading them, and anyone can do that. There’s nothing to search out and no community you have to become familiar with before you can understand them. So why do they continue to be so mysterious to so many people?