RELIGION AND SCIENCE….David, I love you, man, but this is about the worst reason I’ve ever heard for teaching both evolution and Intelligent Design in public schools:

But here’s the real silver lining for all of those liberals who are concerned about Christian fundamentalism invading our schools in the guise of Intelligent Design. If conservatives are serious about “teaching the controversy”, then perhaps they will also be willing to teach the controversy when it comes to liberal add-ons to the public school curriculum, such as birth control and homosexuality.

Um, yeah, sure they will. But I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for this happy day.

Look, this controversy isn’t really about ID vs. evolution. It’s about who gets to decide what’s science and what isn’t ? and in that sense the radical Christian right understands the stakes better than much of the evolution crowd. After all, once you concede that the revealed wisdom of a millennia-old text is a legitimate substitute for empirically based science, creationism is only the start. The book of Genesis expresses opinions on much more than simply the creation of Adam and Eve.

Science classes should teach science. Sunday schools should teach religion. There’s really no compromise position here.

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