FDIO IDENTIFIED….Via Delco Times columnist Gil Spencer, Laura Rozen has identified the anonymous intelligence official who’s behind the Able Danger story:

That official is DIA civilian and Army reservist Ltn. Col. Tony Shaffer. He served in a liaison capacity between Able Danger and the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in Tampa, Florida, and he flew into Afghanistan with special ops in a boots on the ground capacity….It’s still a bit vague as to what exactly on Atta and the “Brooklyn cell” the Able Danger team came up with, but Shaffer did tell Spencer that the Able Danger team briefed then Special Ops commander, now Army Chief of Staff Pete Schoomaker on their findings.

Shaffer is on administrative leave from DIA over a “pretty trumped up clearance issue that may have to do with his role in trying to brief the 9/11 commission on Able Danger.” That’s according to Shaffer’s attorney.

Despite numerous interviews of Shaffer by many different reporters, it’s still unclear whether Able Danger genuinely identified Atta in a serious way prior to 9/11, and it’s equally unclear whether the Pentagon later withheld information from the 9/11 Commission. Stay tuned.

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