FEINGOLD PROPOSES WITHDRAWAL….Fortuitously, Russ Feingold called today for a timed withdrawal from Iraq. This is from his press release:

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold today, at a local Listening Session in Marquette, Wisconsin, proposed a target timeframe for the completion of the military mission in Iraq and suggested December 31, 2006 as the target date for the completion of the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

….”Intense American diplomatic and political engagement in and support for Iraq will likely last long after the troops’ mission is accomplished and they are withdrawn….But it’s almost as if talking about completing the mission in Iraq has become ‘taboo,’” said Feingold. “It’s time for senators and Members of Congress, especially those from my own party, to be less timid while this Administration neglects urgent national security priorities in favor of staying a flawed policy course in Iraq.”

Feingold opposed the war and has been a critic ever since, which means he’s not part of the “stay the course” foreign policy establishment that I blogged about earlier this morning. We’re still waiting for one of them to break ranks and propose a genuine withdrawal plan. Still, Feingold is a serious guy, he’s a U.S. senator, and he might be testing the water for a presidential run. I have a feeling that the members of the Biden/Clinton/Albright/Brookings axis might be watching pretty closely to see how the country reacts to his proposal.