CAMP CASEY….OC Weekly’s Rebecca Schoenkopf takes a trip to Crawford and writes about what the scene at Camp Casey is like:

A lot is being made on the blogs and on the talk shows about the co-opting of Cindy Sheehan by ?the left.? These are the fringe groups, they?re snarling, the far left! ? and yeah, PETA was there. But a lot of the guys there were Vietnam vets, while the rest were pretty middle-aged and wholesome, middle-class and earnest. People ate meat, and smoked cigarettes, and drove cars with internal combustion engines. Aside from the fact that there were recycling bins, even in the middle of a field, it really was awfully mainstream ? and with more than half of Americans now saying Iraq wasn?t worth it, now ?the mainstream? is us. Of course, at Sunday?s lunch at the Peace House ? a gorgeous Middle Eastern buffet, hosted by a group of Iraqi-Americans who fed the multitudes like Jesus with loaves and fishes ? I did have a particularly crunchy exchange….

Chris Nolan and LA Weekly’s Marc Cooper have a somewhat different take. Meanwhile, Media Matters continues to document the almost unbelievable savagery of the ongoing conservative smears of Cindy Sheehan.

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