INCREASE YOUR IQ BY BLOGGING!….If you’re a blogger and your significant other ever gives you grief about the amount of time you spend on your hobby, this post called “Brain of the Blogger is for you. It’s written by a pair of doctors who are “strong advocates for neurologically-based approaches to learning,” and they’ve written a post crediting blogging with doing everything short of curing cancer. Blogs promote critical thinking, analytical thinking, creative thinking, intuitive thinking, associational thinking, and analogical thinking. Blogs also increase access and exposure to quality information and combine the best of solitary reflection and social interaction. Take that, video games!

This is all via Ann Althouse, who says, “I feel that I came to blogging with a brain ready to do exactly this and previously severely frustrated by an inability to do this.” Oddly enough, that’s exactly how I feel. I’ve been doing writing of all kinds my whole life ? technical writing, marketing writing, newsletter writing, newspaper writing, term paper writing, copywriting, you name it ? but from practically the first day I did it, blogging felt like it fit my brain perfectly. For some reason, it’s the perfect form of writing for me.

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