THE FOG OF RUMSFELD….The latest from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is pathetic:

Rumsfeld said he did not know how to explain an increase in U.S. casualties in Iraq from roadside bombs, “other than the fact that they [insurgents] obviously are becoming more sophisticated in developing, in large measure, explosive devices which have greater lethality.”

But he said that while some roadside bombs have been deadlier, the “overwhelming majority” of them ? about 75 percent ? “are not effective at all” and cause no casualties.

He thinks a 25% success rate for roadside bombs is good news? That sounds remarkably high to me.

Judging by his recent public performances, Rumsfeld has no clue what’s going on in Iraq. He doesn’t know where the insurgents are coming from, he doesn’t know how well our training operations are coming along, he has no idea how long we’re likely to stay, and now he doesn’t know why casualties are up from roadside bombs. I had a guy working for me once who, after several months on the job, continued to show this level of cluelessness in his area of expertise. You’ll be unsurprised to learn that I fired him.

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