SINKING EVER LOWER….Just when you thought cable news couldn’t sink any lower, cable news sinks lower. Two weeks ago, Fox News wrongly identified the house of Randy and Ronnell Vorick as a terrorist lair:

In what Fox News officials concede was a mistake, John Loftus, a former U.S. prosecutor, gave out the address Aug. 7, saying it was the home of a Middle Eastern man, Iyad K. Hilal, who was the leader of a terrorist group with ties to those responsible for the July 7 bombings in London.

Hilal, whom Loftus identified by name during the broadcast, moved out of the house about three years ago. But the consequences were immediate for the Voricks.

Italics mine. He gave out the address! On national TV! That’s practically an invitation for local thugs to firebomb the house.

But now for the worst part. Not only has Fox not retracted this report, but here is Loftus’ brain dead pseudo-excuse for broadcasting the Voricks’ address to 20 million viewers in the first place:

“I thought it might help police in that area now that we have positively identified a terrorist living in [Orange County],” he said.

Note to Loftus: the next time you want to let police know about a terrorist living here in the OC, call the police.

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