“THOSE DUDES GOT THE MESSAGE”….I’m not sure if this is a story of desolation or a story of redemption, but it’s a remarkable story in any case. Here’s what happened to Cory Williams when he tried to escape from the rising waters on Tuesday:

He made it several miles west, toward downtown and higher ground, then watched police stop at gunpoint a Ryder van that had been hot-wired by thieves. The officers told the men inside that they had to stop looting and must try to get people out of the neighborhoods, that people were dying.

“Believe it or not, those dudes got the message,” Williams said.

The thieves began ferrying people out of the devastated neighborhoods to the east. The police had deputized looters.

“They had to,” Williams said. “There was no other way to get people out.”

The thieves dropped him off at the convention center, where he stayed until the troops arrived.

Sounds more like redemption to me.